Thursday, 29 September 2016

Allah Tero Naam….a soulful rendition.

Hum Dono” is one of the most iconic Indian films.
No one can ever forget the double-role enacted by Dev Anand and the songs composed by Jaidevji are mesmerizingly phenomenal. The song Allah tero Naam Eeshwar tero Naam written by Sahir Ludhianvi and immortalised by the legendary Lata Mangeshkarji is phenomenal.
A sound classical music training and passion was the basis of music composer Jaidevji’s   melodic creations, and this song is its perfect example.
A prayer is a solemn request for help addressed to God. The person praying is in complete surrender. There is a soul connect between the deity and the devotee. This emotion is sincerely conveyed through simple words. Though there is a fear of the unknown there is also the strength of faith. Undoubtedly therefore this song is regarded as one of the best prayer song to have emerged from Indian films.
For a singer, the tune is very challenging. Generally a song is crafted in such a way that the singer gets a breather between lines. But in this song if you keenly observe, there are almost no resting points. The tune demands a sustained tuneful long breath conveying the words with the complete emotion and none other than Lataji has all these qualities. The supporting chorus is truly supportive and Latajis aalaaps overlapping the chorus add to the melody making it very soothing. Due to this flowing nature of the tune it appeals to the souls of the listeners.
Music composer Jaidevji has chosen the Raga Gaudsarang for this prayer because this raga can bring out a serious mood when performed in a slow tempo. In the background we can hear violin sections adding grandeur to the song. The entire orchestration of the song without any complexities maintains the seriousness of the prayer making it a soulful rendition.

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  1. This is one of my very favourate bhajans. I have sumg it for
    number of times in my concerts. You have written beautifully
    capturing the very essence of this song in apt words.