Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Nature’s soul in Music.

Art is an expression of an imaginative and creative mind. From where does an artist gain this imagination? Is it from the Nature around? Nature is full of sounds and images, textures and fragrances. All these natural elements appeal to the emotions of human beings. There is a soul connection between Nature and humans.
The cave man cried with grief due to natural calamities, squealed with joy due to natural phenomenons, screamed with fear and gradually learned to communicate with the help of sounds. Gradually these sounds were entwined in patterns and as language developed these sound patterns became meaningful expressions.
Whatever touched the heart of the aboriginal or the adivasi human began to be expressed through melodies. These soul-stirring melodies passed down from generation to generation initially in oral form and later in written forms.
These folk songs are of varied nature. If we talk about rain there will be songs requesting the rain god to bless the earth, there will be songs about the happiness of a good harvest due to rains and also songs about pining lovers eager to enjoy the rain together.
In Indian classical music there are special ragas for every season of the year. During the rainy season, the Raga Malhar and its various types are sung and played by classical musicians with joy and fervour. An accomplished musician can create the atmosphere of rains with elaborate musical phrases technically known as aalaap in the rendition of the malhars.
The semi-classical singers sing Saavan, Jhoola and other such special compositions attributed to rain.
Even the film music has a treasure trove of rain songs.
Rain, a natural phenomenon recurring every year is celebrated by all musical souls alike.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Soulful music.

What kind of Music appealed to you first?  
It could have been a lullaby, which is a simplest form of soulful music. Some graduated from the lullaby to being casual singers, while others chose to be listeners. Some hone the skills by singing film songs while some others take training in classical music. A singer or a listener, there definitely is a musician in each one of us.

I met Music in the form of my mother playing the Sitar. Also in the serene suburb of VileParle, I attended many musical concerts regularly. At the age of 8, I began taking regular training in vocal music. The poetry in the classical compositions was in the "Braj" language. As I was expected to learn by heart these compositions,the sweetness of this language gradually captured my soul. This love of poetry increased my passion and shaped the soulfulness in my vocalising.

What comes to your mind as "Soulful Music"?
Please feel free to post your favourite links in the comments.