Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Omkar... the melodic mantra for the soul.

Omkar is one of the names of Lord Ganesh. It means one who has the form of Om. 
Therefore we musicians believe that singing Om invokes Ganesh, the God of Learning and Knowledge.

Om is a sacred incantation made before the recitation of spiritual texts, before rituals and prayers, and meditative and spiritual activities such asYoga. Similarly Om is sung daily by many musicians when they begin their voice practice sessions. 

Some scholars consider Om as the 'cosmic sound', or an 'affirmation to something divine'. The  three phonetic components of Om ; Aa, U and Ma, correspond to the three stages of cosmic creation, and when it is sung, it celebrates the creative powers of the universe.  When a singer along with the accompaniment of Tanpura, practices Om, the resonant and sonorous quality of the voice improves. This practice is named as Omkar Sadhana. 
Om is the primeval melodic pronunciation which increases concentration and in turn gives momentum and energy to a song.
Due to the repeated singing of Om  the musician's scope of musical ideas also widens.
The Om also refers to the sound of the soul and its relation with the entirety of the universe. When the singer's voice emits from the soul and reaches the souls of the listeners, music is created.
Om is a musical truth in its numerous variations and  musical meters developed from it.
Om is a tool for meditation. 
I share a few lines from the verses of ''Samaowi Dnyaneshwari" penned by the renowned poetess,
Late Smt. Anjali Thakaar.

             Aadi Omkara tuja naman I                            आदि ओमकारा तुज नमन । 
             Vedat tujhe pratipadan    I                             वेदात तुझे  प्रतिपादन ।                        
             Swanubhave jayache dnyaan I                     स्वानुभव ज्याचे ज्ञान । 
             Jaya Aatmarupa  II 1 II                                   जय आत्मरूपा  ॥ १ ॥ 

             Devaa toochi Ganesh I                                   देवा तूचि  गणेश  । 
             Sakal buddhiicha prakash I                           सकळ बुद्धीचा प्रकाश ।
             Mhane Nivruttidas I                                         म्हणे निवृत्तिदास   । 
             Aikawe Ji   II 2  II                                              ऐकावे जी    ॥ २ ॥ 
                        ।। ॐ।। 

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